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Ian Stirling
Ian Stirling
Managing Director

UK Machine Tools Ltd has increased its range of Automated Sheet Metal machinery for Forming, Punching and Laser Cutting solutions to offer systems that fully automate the bending process on Press Brakes and also Punching and Laser cutting from Coil giving low batch high speed production of parts. Our principal suppliers are the leaders in their field with Starmatik S.r.l. supplying Robotic handling solutions and Produtech S.r.l. their Patented Punching system from coil and/or cutting with Fibre Laser from coil. 

AUTOMATION; Robotising of existing Press Brakes have increased dramatically in Europe with Retrofit of Robotic cells to press brakes accounting for over 45% of production.

COIL PROCESSING; The latest Technology used by Produtech for Punching and Laser Cutting from coil is a fast growing concept where Produtech now have systems successfully installed in many countries. Fibre Laser Cutting and or Punching Lines can be customised to suit production requirements.

QUALITY CONTROL and ASSEMBLY; UKMT has also now an agreement with SystemElectric S.r.l. who custom build Industrial Testing Equipment, designing hardware and software to provide measuring, testing and assembly of parts and complete units to give accurate data and first class quality control in almost any assembly process.

Efficient product and systems support from UKMT and our principles is crucial to our and our customers success, this will be a continual process for us and our partners, who after many years of working in the industry understand fully the commitment to our customers that is required for success.


Automated Press Brake systems from Europes largest Robot Integrator complete with unique software drastically reducing set up times for Robotised Press Brake Cells. Automation for Mechanical or Hydraulic Guillotines is also available.


Press Brake Tooling solutions for almost all makes of Press Brakes, special and standard tools to the highest quality at competitive prices.