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Front Tool Loading for New Punching Machine

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A single head punching machine from Simasv with a capacity of 1250 x 2000 and able to take up to a 88.9mm punch or a Multi Tool unit will offer the market a high speed low cost punching unit that can accept a range of tooling concepts.

S.I.M.A.S.V. an Italian family company formed in 1957 have developed an entry level CNC punching machine with a quick tool change capability and high punching rates that allows customers to choose their preferred tooling supplier.

The 1250 F1 has excellent axis speeds and a front tool loading position resulting in high productivity and reduced setup times.

An easy to use CNC system and powerful software for on board or remote programming makes this an ideal machine for companies looking to increase their punching capability with low capital cost. UK Machine Tools Ltd have been appointed agents for the Simasv range of sheet metal machines for the UK and Eire.

Machine capacity and features:

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